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Paul Thompson, The owner of Thompson Bros Pty Ltd
Some years ago I had a scaffold stolen from one of our building sites. At the time I did not care what I spent, I just wanted to catch the culprits. I then started to investigate security solutions for myself.

Firstly I investigated guards and static guards which were a good solution but very expensive at around $500 a night and they still need to be housed and fed and often go for pizza! Guard patrols are more affordable but 3 random patrols per night, for approximately 3 minutes at a time, equals 9 minutes a night. Not great value at all!

Alarms are costly noise makers that nobody wants to know about. If a traditional back to base alarm goes off, someone rings you to tell you that your alarm has gone off. However, they can’t tell you what set it off. False alarms are an absolute nightmare and sometimes you never know what set it off. These are extremely taxing on your time, sleep and energy.

Camera systems are good but are only after the event has occurred. I put a camera system in my house which I looked at every day for about a week, but since that time rarely review it. If I did have a problem, I would probably see some guy in a cap that no one could identify.

I started talking to a friend who showed me a system that actually sends footage at the time of the event, to the monitoring station with the alarm. This means that the monitoring station has video at the time of the break in and they knows what is going on. So they can see if it is a dog, a cat or five people with iron bars. The monitoring station can then decide what action to take and let you sleep. This is peace of mind.

When I saw the Videofied system, I was so impressed, I left my building company to my brother and have been involved in the Videofied alarm system ever since.