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True Stories's Story

Fred Ayad

Fred is a project manager from FDC Construction and Fitout, one of Australia premier building companies. He has been using our video alarm system with great success, arrest on site nothing stolen.


Martin Patience's Story

Martin is the owner and the director of one of Australia's leading construction company, Grindley Construction.


Steve Thomas' Story

Steve is the owner of a large NSW wrecking company, Central Coast 4x4. He'd got 6 arrests in first 3 weeks.


Ian Ross' Story

Ian is a site foreman for a multinational Building company. He experienced firsthand the amazing benefits of the Videofied product.


A few more footages

With Videofied system, you can spot on false alarms and incidences straight away from you mobile phone. Videofied is the only alarm that delivers more results. The below footages are from Videofied systems installed all around the world.