Construction Site Time Lapse Video

Thompson Bros specialiase in Timelapse Photography. The company has high levels of expertise and experience in construction time-lapse video and professionally serves businesses in architectural, industrial and commercial sectors all over Australia. We create a few minutes of visually appealing videos out of many days / months of work allowing you to showcase the vital aspects of your business or project to your potential clients, timelapse videos have proven to be an effective addition your promotional material.

Project Access

During the project we provide secure access to the time-lapse portal where you can review every photo moments after it has been taken on your remote construction site. You are free to download individual or many of the photos to use on promotional material or keep an eye on site progress.

Thompson Bros offers a fully self-contained time lapse photographic system that allows builders, developers and clients to track their construction project via regular updated photographs accessible through the internet.

How does it work?

High quality photos are sent at regular, specified intervals to the Construction View server and are accessible 24/7 via a simple to use, dedicated username and password protected website. Past images from any selected date can also be viewed, downloaded, displayed as timelapse sequence. Live view is also available. All images are saved on our server, creating a full photographic history – from foundation to completion.

Benefits of our service

Review daily progress of the job
site Monitor the sequence of construction
Reduce unnecessary travel time to job site
Ensures accountability of onsite actions
Monitor the delivery of materials
Real-time tracking of construction
Project manager and stakeholder access

Our set-up includes

We will install and monitor the cameras through-out the construction process.
24/7 Access to All stake holders
Solar battery charging
3/4G Model and data sim service
Managed website access to images
Start to finish Video at completion of construction